Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beauty School Drop Out.

Wow I've been awful at this.

We went to the Richard Nixon library today to see their train exhibit that comes every 4 years and it was awesome! Wyatt's grandpa and I took Wyatt and my nephew Oliver. I haven't been to the library since my high school winter formal and I forgot how pretty it is there. We walked around the gardens and the boys ran around like wild horses.

I'm officially a beauty school drop out!!!
I feel torn because I hate to quit things but it just wasn't for me. I can't be something or someone I am not. I'm trying to figure out my plan. Being a single mom doesn't make it easy. I want to be able to support Wyatt and live comfortably but I also don't want to miss out on Wyatt's life because I'm working. I'm a phlebotomist by trade but it's so hard to find a job without experience, but I'm going to make looking for a job my full time job! I guess the bright side about dropping out of school is that I can check being a hair dresser off of my list. I plan on attending school and working towards my AA, I'm only about a semester and a half away.

Knott's Berry Farm during Christmas time is wonderful.
Wyatt and I took my niece and nephew on the first night of Christmas decorations and it was so much fun.

Another bright side of being out of school is that I'm crafting like a mad woman!!! I have a bunch of new designs for infinity scarfs! I'm going to be at the Old Town Orange Flea Market from 7am- 2pm this Saturday.

Bring peace to all you meet. XOXO

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