Sunday, June 10, 2012

oh baby!

I went to get a 3d/4d ultra sound today (very last minute) and my sister and mom came along. I was planning out Dorothy's color theme and my mom suggested getting a second glance just to make sure, you know, since the first sonography tech wasn't 100% positive. Turns out Dorothy isn't a Dorothy! Yes it's a fact, it's definite, it's positively, 100%, no doubt about it a boy!
Wow. I have to go return some adorable girl clothes tomorrow.

 I actually feel like this makes more sense. I've been excited about being pregnant but I haven't been too sure about having a girl, don't get me wrong if it was a girl I would be thrilled. I just had a feeling that maybe she was a he, and maybe I wasn't too aware of it, more of a subconscious feeling but it made sense today when I found out. In the long run it will be way more easy on me. I'll save money on clothes, and sharing a room will never be a problem. I'm excited! Wyatt is excited too, I think just because this baby has a penis and he thought it was weird that his sister didn't. He thinks everyone has or should have penis. Oh brother!
Well I'm pretty excited... now it's back to the drawing board for names!

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