Friday, July 13, 2012

potty training....

Potty Training Diaries.
We were off to a rocky start. I have to admit there are times that i think changing a diaper forever seems much easier than going through the potty training fiasco. Wyatt has had his shares of accidents and misses but all in all he is doing fantastic! I am so proud of him. I've tried it all from bribing, dancing, buying toys, pulling my hair out, going border line psycho and for the most I've determined that Wyatt had to be ready. It wasn't me or what i was going to buy him that was going to the trick, it was Wyatt (although buying things helped in the process!). He wasn't going to make any progress until he knew he could do it and I needed to be patient.

The other day I lost it. I think being hormonal has made potty training much harder. Well, it's made everything much harder. Anyways... I lost it and that made me sad. I felt like the worst mom ever. I apologized to Wyatt and told him that he was being such a big boy and I was noticing all of his efforts with the potty training, and we all make mistakes-especially while potty training. He accepted my apology and after that has been awesome! This week has been a pretty exceptional potty training experience. Wyatt tells me a lot of the time when he needs to potty, which helps since I can't remember to ask hardly! 
I told you, I'm awful at everything lately.
I'm so proud of Wy-Wy.
It's about progress NOT perfection.

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