Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Owen Benjamin

Today is Owen's due date, 9/18/2012. 
I thought that I still might be waiting to meet him at this point but I've already known him for a whole week! 
He's one week and one day old today and amazing.
I'm having a hard time with how fast it's all going, I wish the first week would last a month!
I'm trying to enjoy him and Wyatt as much as I can without worrying about all of the everyday stuff, but unfortunately it all still needs to be done. My mom has been amazing and helpful and loving and patient and I could not be doing this without her.
Thank you mom.
Wyatt is adjusting... well he's adjusting. He's doing pretty good for having his entire world bumped around. He's an amazing BIG BROTHER.  
I am so proud of my Wy-man. 
He had a Karate class yesterday and it was a little rough, he had a hard time listening and following direction. It's my fault, I've let him get away with too much. I need to get him on track.
Wyatt and Pa are going to make a sandbox this afternoon, we just got back from The Home Depot with all of the building materials.
We are pretty excited about it! I'll post pictures.

Here is a catch up of the last week...
the first few hours

Big brother making sure Owen has all of his fingers

my sister in-law, the reason I considered a natural child birth

uncle Ben, Who Owen is named after

great grandpa, Pa

Nana, Wyatt and Owen

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