Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wyatt in his moment of fame...

If you know Wyatt than you know he has an obsession with police.
Not just police but police cars, Woo Woo guys, sirens, toys that are in any way police related, he literally  lights up when he sees these things.
The other day we were in Target and he saw a man shopping and was estatic, he yelled "look mom a woo woo guy, it's a police man guy mom!".
I didn't want to burst his bubble (or the man's) so I ignored the fact he was in a mechanic's jumper suit, with motor oil all over him and a name tag that read Mike.
Anyways my mom, Wyatt and I were out walking (this baby out of me) last night and we witnessed a hit and run!
It was unreal.
First off we walked on the opposite side of town, we never ever walk over there but for some reason we did last night. This man was obviously under the influence and just kept driving so I called the police!
The people who owned the car were very greatful since they hadn't witnessed it happen or even seen the guy's car.
I placed a report and then we started walking home.
The dispatcher called back as we were close to home and asked if we could come back, they had arrested a man and wanted me to identify him!
I felt like I was on an episode of cops as I pulled up in the cop's car to the crime scene, they put on the brights and walked him in front of the car, it was definitely him.
Little did I know uncle Matt was on the other side of town walking his dog and witnessed the same guy side swipe three cars! He also called the cops and was there when the guy was arrested! How funny is it that we both called on the same guy, we are the only two witnesses on the police report.
Small world.
Anyways when my future husband, I mean the police officer, dropped me off at home he let Wyatt get in the drivers seat and flash the lights in his patrol car! Wyatt was in heaven. I've never seen him so quiet and so serious. The police officer took pictures with Wyatt and was so sweet.
It was definitely the highlight of the night.
But still no baby, even with all of the excitement.
I'm still waiting for the Orange PD to call me and ask me to come work for them, I'm an excellent identifier.

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