Friday, October 5, 2012


We went to Disney Land today with Ma.
It was crowded, we ate and then rode the train and went home.

Disney Land

Baby Owen and his double chin

I absolutely love this picture.
I love co-sleeping so much and I can't imagine not having my baby right next to me.
I used this same co-sleeper with Wyatt and then passed it onto my sister in-law for Eowyn and Ezra and now I have it for Owen. Wyatt used the co-sleeper until he started sitting up and being able to lift him self up on his own, he also slept in my bed with me and still does.
I gave up on sleeping a long time ago, I don't mind sharing my bed with my littles, I enjoy it.


So I've been thinking a lot about the future...
My future, Wyatt's future, Owen's future, our futures together.
I'm going to start a journal, a future journal.
I'll focus on what I want, where I see my self and the boys, my goals, you know all of the stuff that gets me where I want to be.
I really want to keep it all a secret but I'm not going.
I've been feeling really motivated by my discouragement if that makes any sense.
I feel like I always start things that I don't finish and people have finally started discounting my goals and future plans. I understand why, so I am not angry at all, more motivated to prove everyone wrong. I want to show my boys that it's important to reach your goals and there is always room for growth.
I'll share it all with you, promise.
Have a great weekend!


  1. i love your blog- it's really well written & i love watching owen from week to week.