Friday, October 19, 2012

thank you friday.

Thank you Friday for making Thursday go away.

I had coffee yesterday with my friend Caroline, it was so nice. She has twin little girls who are absolutely the cutest little darlings ever. Wyatt was of course on the edge of insanity, but he kept his cool and lasted the whole visit. Good job WY! Caroline was awesome, she was super encouraging and nice and had very supportive things to say-thank you Caro.

Doug was horrible, he only wants to argue and I realized yesterday that I don't have to answer my phone or discuss anything with him because he doesn't want a solution, he just wants chaos. He meets with his lawyer on Monday about child support and custody. I talked to mine and he said all there is to do is wait. I'm waiting. I just feel sick when I think of Owen leaving us. I am thankful this isn't something I need to worry about today or anytime very soon.

My grandma found out that her melanoma is back in her eye, it's cancer. No one ever wants to hear that, it's sad, it's horrible, it's awful and I hate it
We are going to meet Oliver and my sister at Knotts in a little bit. We have Penny today, she played hookie from school!

Owen this week...

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