Tuesday, November 12, 2013

summer round up part 3 and early fall

here we go...
life was hectic there for awhile
i kind of took the summer off from blogging
i felt like i needed a break from it.
i started school and i am attending full time
and taking all of my classes online.
it is a lot harder than i thought but so much
easier in so many ways!
i don't have to go to class at all
and i don't even need to step foot on campus all semester long.
i love it.
anyways im going to catch up and then start
posting again and get back into a routine
now that life is more manageable.
 owen and ezra
 zadie and wyatt

 car full of kids... mini-van status

 owen turns one

 the boys crack me up in this one
 pa and owen

 birthday celebration at disney land

 my boys

our yearly trip to irvine park

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