Saturday, August 13, 2011

who I am...

Hello!My name is Mallory. I am the mother to an amazing, hilarious, smart, strong-willed little 2 year old boy named Wyatt. He completely rules my world and knows it. I am going to be starting school in September for cosmetology and I am really excited. For the longest time I've convinced my self that I want a career in the medical field and well... I don't! I'm learning a lot about my self and I feel very happy at where I'm at and where I am going in life right now. Having Wyatt in my life has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I knew having a child would be absolutely awesome but I had no idea that it would be this awesome. He has taught me love, patience and empathy on an entirely new level than what I knew before.  I had Wyatt when I was 22 and I had an image of what our life would be like. It didn't turn out that way to say the least but it is still wonderful. I am raising Wyatt on my own, with the help of my wonderful family. Wyatt and I live with my mother and I am so grateful for her support, generosity, and love. Wyatt is the center of attention 24/7. I think that he truly believes that this his world and we are just living in it. Then again he is a two year old so this is pretty normal.
I am a crafter. I love it ALL. Obviously after Wyatt started running my craft time has been cut short, so I take advantage of nap time and bed time ( if I'm not too tired by then!). Seeing has how I am a "single mama" I definitely create on a budget! I LOVE thrift stores and fabric outlets, garage sales and hand-me-downs. Let's just say I am eco friendly on purpose!

 I am going to be selling some of the things I have recently made at the Old Town Flea market that my best friend's mom runs. I have a friend who sells her jewlery there as well, Camillia Buttons. The Flea market has vintage things, furniture, shoes, toys, handbags, tools, art work, it really is a wonderful mixture of things and people. I am so excited to see what happens! I guess even if I don't sell anything it will be fun!  My sister is going to be sharing a booth with me and at some point during the day my mom is going to walk down with Wyatt! I've been working really hard at getting everything together and I hope it will show through all of my work. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea...

The flea market starts @7am. All I am going to say is thank the heavens that there is a Starbucks across the street! Wish me luck!!!

This is my first "GO" at blogging so please forgive me if I am doing it all wrong!! I guess my point in creating this blog is to share my ideas, create ideas, borrow ideas, and not just with carfting and artsy things but with all of it. I feel like a part of life is about learning and creating, teaching and sharing.  I'm just taking life one day at a time. I'm working on enjoying every part of it and not sweating the small stuff. HA!

Have a wonderful, amazing, and incredibly happy weekend! XO

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