Sunday, August 14, 2011

the flea market...

Old Town Flea Market Success!!!

[My sister Lacy on the right selling her jewlery; Pretty Junkie]
The Flea Market  was wonderful! We met a lot of people and sold a good amount of items. I didn't realize how hard it would be to part with some of my necklaces! They were my babies and I sent them off to live with new people. Heck, I don't even know how they'll wear them in public! I'm sure they will be loved.
We got quite a bit of good feedback and I was VERY VERY happy with the overall day. It started off gloomy and humid and of course around the same time I noticed I had left my sunblock at home, the sun came out full force! I bought this wonderful vintage hat from the lady next to us...

not a whole lot of sun protection but it sure is amazingly cute for 5 bucks!!

So I set up my etsy account but I haven't added any pictures. When it's up and fully stocked I will let you know. My etsy page is morelovebyml. I came up with More Love because I wanted to use my inititals and well... that's what I thought of. Everyone could use more love. Right?! Right!?
Here are some more of my necklaces...

I really love all of them. I've made a few that I'm keeping!! I am done making new ones for awhile. I think. I'm pretty set for now.

This week is potty training week!!! I feel completely dedicated. Wyatt has used the toilet  too many times to count, so I'm hoping with consistency he catches on really quickly. Then again he thinks it's hilarious when he accidentally pees in the middle of the living room, so it could potentially be the messiest week of my life. I'm just saying. I have my fingers crossed. I am also paying my deposit on my cosmetology hair kit this week! I'm registered and ready!! The kit cost $1,500! YOUZER-VON-TROUSERS!!! Aside from the $500 deposit, I'm extremely excited. I really can't wait to start.

Monday Monday Monday!
The beginning of a semi-busy week. This weekend has left me pretty tired and so I am off to bed, right after I take care of this really enormous and very annoying fly, buzzing around my room.

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