Monday, October 3, 2011

So Long Sweet Summer

This summer went by fast. I'm so happy that Fall is almost here, its absolutely my favorite time of year. When Starbucks puts up their Seasonal drinks on the menu my heart melts with pure happiness! Even though Orange, Ca. doesn't have much of a color change, well none at all actually, and we consider 50 degrees freezing and quite often the Santa Ana winds knock out the power for hours at a time, Fall makes me unbelievably happy. There's that crispness in the air, the craft stores are wild with decorative decor, it gets darker earlier which only makes bedtime much easier, the waves get incredible at the beach and the surf season in Newport begins! Oh how I LOVE FALL!!!!

The past month has been... insane, busy, tiring, exciting, fun, happy, the list goes on but I won't bore you with more adjectives. I started cosmetology school and I am loving it. I am doing night classes and all day Saturdays which means I get to stay home pretty much all day with Wyatt, the bummer is that 4 nights a week I'm not the one putting him to sleep. The girls are nice, it's really like social time and it's nothing that I'm used to, I love it a little. I am learning quite a lot and I've already cut some hair!! If I do say so my self, I'm quite a natural. I have to admit that I absolutely hate perms with a passion (even though I'm pretty good at rolling them)!
 (She's the most forgiving gal I know!)

Perms make me want to say a lot of inappropriate words.

Every year the catholic church in Orange has an October Fest fair. It's so much fun. This year Wyatt's grandpa, Wyatt and I went and we had such a fun time.
Last night we drove by the field that they have the fair on and Wyatt looked out the window as we drove by and said, "mommy fair go bye-bye?" I said, "yes the fair went bye-bye and it will be back next year!" Wyatt looked really sad and yelled at the empty field, "BYE FAIR!" and under his breath he mumbled, "poor fair you go bye-bye, I sorry." Wyatt breaks my heart sometimes, when he's not trying to jump off furniture or spit on the dogs.

As you can imagine I haven't been up to my normal crafting. I'm going to be doing the Flea Market again next weekend. I made a few beanies and a few new More Love items, I'll show them off to you all very soon!

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