Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Summer!!

It's been a busy past few weeks.
A bit chaotic at times, but over all it's been filled with good adventures!

First off I have to say that POTTY TRAINING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! It is by far my least favorite thing. The first day was great and by 11am the next day, he was over it. Completely 100% done. He did think it was hilarious to pee on the living room floor quite a bit and once into my bookshelf. I think I am going to be waiting until he is back on track. Everything I'm hearing and reading says you really need to wait until your child is both physically and mentally ready for it. According to Freud if you start too early you mess your child up for life! He thinks if you are too strict or use too much discipline while toilet training your child will develop anal-retentive personality which summed up means obsessive and rigid. If you're to lenient your child will develop anal-expulsive personality which pretty much means your child will be a destructive human being. I'm somewhat in between, I don't think you should be changing a 4yr olds diapers but I also think there is an an age that is just too young. I NEVER KNEW POTTY TRAINING WAS SO SCARY!!! I knew it would be time consuming and a little inconvenient at times, but I didn't know it could possibly change my child for life!!! HAHAHAHA Oh my goodness, one day at a time.

I haven't been working on More Love lately I've taken a break. I feel like I have a pretty stocked inventory for awhile. I started a FaceBook page More Love. Visit it and LIKE IT!!! I'll be coming up with some new things shortly, I just have to give my fingers some time off, they were over worked.

I took Wyatt skateboarding and he LOVED it. He was so brave, this kid has no fear. We even fell once and he laughed it off, thought it was hilarious but yet he'll stub his toe and cry for an hour... what a ham. 

We have Knott's Berry Farm passes. We finally went, its been too hot and crowded this summer but now that all the kids are back in school it's manageable. We had a blast. We always go with my grandma and we ALWAYS have fun. We took Wy on the log ride which is like splash mountain at Disney Land. He loved it! NO FEAR!

He loves Lions. His best friend is a stuffed lion named Nan.
He asked me to take a picture of him with this one, he said "peease mom cheeese!!".


We went to the Scripts Birch Aquarium in La Jolla with my mom, sister and her two children. It was a good price. The aquarium it's self was small and very nice. The displays of sea creatures were awesome and at the perfect level for the kids, which was so nice, they could look at everything without being held up, which made the kids happy and my back very happy. The weather was perfect and the kids were happy!!

I love making flag banners!!! I made one for Wyatt's room and then this one for my jewelery display at the flea market for next month, but I loved it so much I hung it up in my room.
I think I'm going to make more and sell them next month!
[It says More Love...]

Oh... I would like to introduce you to
Lion and my nephew Oliver's Dog-Dog...
[They are really loved.]

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