Sunday, January 22, 2012

goodbye insane weekend. I won't miss you.

At the park...
Oh a Wyatt's life it is.

rock. paper. BOOM!

first day of class tomorrow.
feeling pretty excited.
rain, coffee and books.
got it covered.
wish me luck!
I'll go ahead and thank you for all the luck in advance :) assuming that you will be sending some my way.

Wyatt's nap and bed times were at all time insane, chaotic, incredibly tiring and naughty levels this weekend. Thank you Super Nanny for your advice but I'm gonna need a little more help.
Of course grandpa came over for dinner and brought amazing delicious brownies and ice cream and then magically got Wyatt to sleep in his own bed in under 30 minutes...
 and that was after eating a massive amount of sugar. 
Nice job grandpa?
or nice job Wyatt for completely working your mother into the ground?
What a ham.
what ever. shut up and be thankful right?!


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