Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keep on Keep'n on

school is keeping me busy.
Keep on keep'n on.

check this out...
I'll catch you up on what I've been up to in a few posts... it really hasn't been much, but I'd still like to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

#1. School
I didn't realize having a two and half yr old and taking 3 classes would be so draining. I know there are people with 4 kids and taking monster loads of classes and working... 
so I tell my self to shut up and carry on.

#2. Making plans
We got our annual Knott's Berry Farm passes. I really wanted Disney passes but I have absolutely no business spending that much or making payments. I figure if I can't afford to buy them flat out then making payments is ridiculous. I'm practicing with a budget. Doing... alright. 
I'm 25 with an almost 3 yr old, trying desperately to work my way through school and become a grown up (well I could put a little more effort into it). I've never had to do, well anything for myself. I've been spoiled my whole life. Not like MTV Sweet 16 spoiled but spoiled. So waking up and smelling the roses aka electricity bill, grocery list, phone bill, oh yeah and rent check isn't going to be a breeze but I think I'll do fine. It's going to happen sooner than later... April to be exact and I'm scared SH*TLESS. I won't be doing it alone. My boyfriend will be helping, well doing mostly all of it financially, so once again I'm being taken care of. It's not the long term plan just for about the next year so I can finish school. He is moving into my house and my mom is moving out, and my grandparents are really helping with the rent. They are good landlords. Landlord? Laaaaaandloooord... that sounds so 1800-ish and outdated... 
anyways I'm going to have to learn to cook better. 
Cleaning is a breeze, I love to clean and clean and clean. 
But I can't say that everyone likes the taste of my cooking. So I've saved many recipes from Pinterest and I think I'll turn some crock pot recipe books into my survival guide for a few years and I'll be good in the kitchen department.
A wonderful part about this is that I'll have a 3 bedroom house to decorate!!! YAY!!

#3 sleep training and potty training.
It SUCKS. N'ough said.
I try and try but get no where... well we've made some progress but I wouldn't say the problems are solved.

#4 Crafts
Shop my etsy store... you can find it on my tabs pages up at the top of my blog. 

#5 Being SILLY
We found these mustaches at our local dollar tree... 6 or 8 of them for one dollar!

Irvine park pony rides...

My new mop... I'm in love.

Starbucks Valentines cups... I LOVE.

More to come.

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