Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what's the bedtime around here?

it's after ten o'clock and I hear Wyatt calling out for me from his room.
 It sounds mean but I'm trying to ignore him in hopes of him giving up and going to bed. 
This is an on going battle of sleeping with me vs. his big boy bed. 
He will have a cycle of being absolutely the best sleeper ever and then I go and F it up by giving in.
Now he's just being monster. 
He is repeatedly getting out of bed, hiding, throwing Lion and spitting at me. 
I'm trying the Dr. Phill and Super Nanny approach by laying him back down calmly and repeatedly without any reaction. This last time I went in there and hugged him and gave him a few kisses and now I haven't heard a peep. I don't know what works. I think it so depends on Wyatt's mood. 
I don't ever want to put him down for bed and make him lay there if he is scared or just in need of love. 
I do know that this bed time thing is pretty draining.
I'm sure we I will figure it out.

I  bought my first real grown up bed today!
 It's fantastic and wonderful. 
I have found my new favorite place, I never want to get out of bed EVER
I bought it HERE today and they delivered it a few hours later and took away my old mattress. 
I'm over due for a good night of sleep. 

peace out.

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