Saturday, January 14, 2012

hello and goodbye Friday the 13th!

Jewelry organizing
I used some drift wood I found on the beach in Goleta, Ca last summer. I used small tiny itsy bitsy small nails and hammered a few into the beached wood. You can also paint the wood any color you want, white looks really good for a shabby look but I like to keep it natural. 
You can use wire to hang it up, or what i did was I got a really big giant (dry wall) nail and hammered it through the wood and into the wall... yes, I take short cuts. 

hope you enjoy!

It's been a lousy week.
Things I need to be thankful for...
my health
my brain, even if it's out of commission most of the time
my sister (and her amazing talent with hair!)
amazing local hiking trails
California weather in January
and Starbucks for always being there when I need it :)
 Although this week hasn't been the best one ever, there is still a lot I need to be thankful for.

here is the recap.

Secret spot my grandma shared with Wyatt and me at Knott's Berry Farm.

breakfast with my grandma and Wy. 
I flat out SUCK at being vegan.
aiming for vegetarian and miserably failing.

Francis Jean. 
she started off as my sister's dog, so I've decided just this second
 that I will bless her with my sister's middle name, Jean.

Due to such a crapy week I have decided to not sell at the Flea Market tomorrow.
 I was lagging in the sewing department this week. There's that haunting title I gave myself... Procrastinator.
I'm just going to own it already.
 My nieces Esme and Zadie are here for the weekend so I want to hang out and be the cool aunt M for the weekend. Excuses excuses. I'm full of them.

Peace out.

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