Monday, April 30, 2012



art = fun. messy. laughs. googly eyes.

BEST sugar free ice cream EVER!

beach day. 

creating a masterpiece. 

Wyatt counted to 11 all by him self on the walk home from Nana's... What the heck?!

Sorry Angels... these tickets were free!

Wyatt's uncle Eric's best friend catches for the Dodgers so we got these really awesome tickets. Wyatt's 2 uncles, papa Gordie and Oliver went. It was so much fun. The boys got Dodger Dogs, fries, cotton candy, ice cream, base balls bats (NOT my idea!), bobble heads and an afternoon of adventure! We went to China Town in LA first, took a small detour which was fun. Had a blast. Although I'm an Angels fan, the Dodgers stadium (minus the major hills) is an awesome place. 

sugar for breakfast?

my awesome bed spread.

nap time.

20 weeks already.

Wyatt and I went to Disney Land yesterday and it was ridiculously crowded, no painfully crowded! Ok well it really didn't pain us physically to be there but very much mentally! We didn't go on anything except for the train and we were able to sit through the bugs life show, that's it. 
It was so crowded, had I mentioned that? :)

I think my mom is going to be moving back in August. That is what I want. I mean obviously I don't want to be a single mom with 2 children living with my mom but this is my best option, I think that this is going to be what is best for my children and me. My plan will be to go straight into registered nursing after I am a LVN and living with my mom will help me reach my goals much quicker. 
I am extremely grateful for my mom, she is a very good mother to me. 
I see the positive change in Wyatt since Doug has moved out. He always has something negative to say about Wyatt. Wyatt sat in the doctors office with my mom during the ultra sound for over an hour and was really awesome without any toys or any entertainment, hyper, but awesome. When we were praising Wy, Doug leans over and tells Wyatt that this is the way he should always act, and goes on to tell him that his other behavior (which he didn't use) is bad and blah blah blah... He forgets that Wyatt is 2... only 2 and wasn't born with the knowledge to act and behave the way he "should" or the way Doug want's him to, he's learning. I'm a big believer in praise, and acknowledging the good behavior. For example when Wyatt is playing like a big boy, instead of being quiet and hoping it will never end, I tell him how good he is being. Children need to hear good things just as adults do. I know when all I hear is negative things, I then perform worse, and get sad and feel bad about my self.
Wyatt has improved 100%, his behavior is incredibly better! I've been consistent,  I've picked my battles very very very (and sometimes not so very) wisely. I try to only say no for things that matter , so he isn't hearing no all the time. No can lose it's face value quickly when you throw it around all the time, I learned this the hard way! I took out all of the distractions (like toys) from Wy's bed room to make nap and bed time easier and I've cut a lot of sugar out of our diets. When he begs for something at the store I tell him that it's not healthy for us or mommy can't afford junk food, and he has responds pretty well. 

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