Saturday, May 26, 2012

everything must go.

Ok so I think my horrible hormonal mood has passed... at least for now.
My sister-in-law sent me a box of adorable girl clothes, it really got me excited. I still can't imagine having a girl, how much fun. I think we are going to name her Dorothy after my great grandma. There are a lot of cute nicknames too like Dot, Dottie, Dory and a few more. She started kicking and at 23 weeks you can see and feel her now! She really responds to Wyatt's voice, it's cute.

My mom is moving in today. She was actually already supposed to be moved in but we had the worst experience with the movers this morning! First off a different company showed up than the one my mom called, they had a different estimate when they showed up, and they had more fees! After my mom said she wouldn't sign anything and she was going to go with a different moving company the one guy went into our bathroom and didn't come out for close to 15 minutes! Gordie (Wyatt's g-pa) asked through door if we was OK and he yelled "yaaa". I finally went out and got the other guy from the moving truck and asked him to get him out of my mom's house! He was obviously pooping and or doing drugs in there! What an experience! So we found a company to come out at 4 today, so hopefully it all works out! Let's hope these MOVERS are good and reliable!!

Life the past few weeks...

full moon

Wyatt's cool GREAT grandpa PA!!!

helping mom paint

Doug took us to an Angels game, they won!

  22 weeks

want a reason to buy these!

sleep over with Oliver

found a bunny in the backyard.
Wyatt kept saying "don't worry I will hurt you bunny!"... 
I think he meant to say I won't hurt you! :)

dinner in bed

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