Sunday, July 22, 2012

last week....

My brother and his family came down last weekend and we celebrated my nephew, Ezra's 1st birthday. This little boy is the cutest, funniest little man ever.

So when they left Sunday morning the plan was to leave my nieces here for a few days with my sister but those plans changed  a little bit. My niece Zadie ended up staying without Esme. I missed my niece Esme but I think Zadie had a blast being the only one here. I enjoyed having her here so much that when she left Friday I (secretly) started to cry. It's hard having my brother's family 3 1/2 hours away, we don't see them too often. I guess they could live in another state and we might not ever see them, that would be sad. I'm grateful that my sister lives so close, if my sister or mom moved to another planet I would follow them. I couldn't be too far from either one of them. Anyways...

 Here is last week part 2:
making pizza

happy man
 *Orange County Fair*
Little Lambs
 Penny and Wyatt's first time eating Dip n' Dots!
 Fried Oreos... mmmmm
 Fried cereal... not so good
 Wyatt won a goldfish and named it "Frog". 
(He names everything Frog).
Nana took him out and bought a little aquarium, he picked out rainbow rocks and fake plants... so fancy!
 Wiped out.
Potty Training Update...
Wyatt totally got it!!! He's been doing great and has had only 3 accidents in the past week (one of them being my fault for making him wait!). I know I started the potty training thing late but it was totally worth it to wait for Wyatt to be ready, he has done wonderful.

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