Tuesday, July 24, 2012

putting baby in a corner!

Not literally!!
I'm getting the baby's area (little room) ready, starting to wash clothes and register-all that good stuff.
I've been in slow motion with this pregnancy. 
I'm excited to meet this baby but I feel if maybe I take my time, time will move slower. 
ummm? NOT SO MUCH. 
I know I know, it doesn't make sense. 
It's as you would imagine, I'm in fact running out of time. 
Pictures to follow soon, well, whenever I get my butt in gear!

oh so funny...
Wyatt has been saying THE funniest things ever this week.
His word of the week is "frickin". 
Obviously he has gotten this glorious word from his dear uncle Matt. 
He said, "mommy, did you know I frickin love you?" 
My heart melted, as horrible as it is that he used the PG version of the "F bomb". 
Oh my goodness. 

Today I said "ouch the baby keeps kicking me!"
Wyatt responded by suggesting that we give the baby medicine.

I love this guy so "frickin" much it hurts!
Am I going to have enough love in me to love another little boy?
What if he's not as cute?
What if he's not as smart?
What if?
Everyone says I'm totally normal for having these doubts, but motherly love is so powerful that no matter what, I will be in love with this baby. Deep down I know I will be in love with this baby but when I'm with Wyatt it's hard to imagine. I feel like I will have to share my love and I know that's not the case, God just gives you more love to use. 
My mom reminded me the other day that when I was pregnant with Wyatt, I feared that I wouldn't love him as much as Brody, my dog. That obviously was not the case. :)


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