Tuesday, July 3, 2012

let it out....

Made a Costco trip this morning with Wy and Papa Gordie... didn't get much but ate a lot of samples.

I had to go to Stanbridge today to return my books... what a fiasco!
Holy moly. 
I talked to someone over the phone last week who told me I could return them, even though I had registered them, she said "not a problem!". Today was a different story. 
First off I'm hormonal.... like seriously hormonal. I cry over commercials, they don't even have to be sappy to get my tears going just a tad bit sentimental and I'm a waterfall. 
Ok. Wyatt and I take my books back and when we get there they tell me I can't return them. 
Ummm hello?! Are you kidding me?
The lady who was helping had a thick accent  and I couldn't understand her at all. I'm guessing they put her in that position so people would get so frustrated they'd say forget it keep my money! I would possibly bet up to 15$ that she was hired to frustrate and discourage people. I swear after twenty minutes of "excuse me? one more time"  I wanted to GIVE UP, but I didn't. She was "that lady" that would just reply to the question with a smile. Seriously, I asked you a question can you give me an answer?
Anyways... it was awkward and frustrating  but eventually they took my books back. 
I cried. during the whole thing. 
I hate crying.  I wanted to be angry and show them that they made me mad but instead I just came across as a crier. Now they think I cry over everything, like I'm a big baby.
Oh well I won. And yes, because in this situation is was about winning. It was about proving that they were dishonest and wrong and I won. 

Wyatt is a ham... I'm sure you couldn't have guessed that on your own.

 summer survival guide; green straw, check. Hat, check.
 Franny with her dog... she's awfully cute when she's not so annoying.
Baby clothes from my sister-in-law. I got a lot of Wyatt's old clothes back, even the clothes that Wyatt had from Oliver's hand me downs... talk about sentimental. My throat hurt from holding in the tears.
Wyatt was a big baby, 8lbs 11ounces and his baby clothes looked so itsy bitsy, it's funny that even big babies look so little. Awwww little baby.
 If you knew me at all you'd find the humor in this. I am possibly one of the meanest drunks ever. I am rude and intolerable to be around. There are some girls who get drunk and walk like t-rexs, oh c'mon you know exactly what I'm talking about. Normally they are the girls in heels who are so far away from the ground that they hold their hands in this awkward position in hopes that it will balnce them. That's not me. Then there are the girls who think they look sexy and have smeard makeup and talk out of the side of their mouths, maybe me a little bit. Mostly I'm that girl that goes off someone for nothing, no reason except to make my self unlikeable and set my self up for an embarrassing morning. That's why I don't drink.
 Penny painting Wy's face.
Face paints 10$ at Walmart.
 wrapped them up in package wrapping, they loved it even though it was incredibly weird.
 My weird little man painting.

I can't believe tomorrow is the 4th of July. We don't have a lot planned. Definitely a BBQ with nana and papa Gordie, maybe fireworks at my sister's house. It should be mellow and relaxing.
happy 4th to all!!

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