Tuesday, July 10, 2012

losing my mind.

I feel like the worst mom ever today.
This whole potty training business is slowly, little by little taking every last bit of sanity I have left.
Wyatt is a smart boy and he knows exactly what to do.
I feel like he definitely is taking advantage of my frustration today.
He is successful at peeing in the potty but the #2 is what is KILLING me!!!
Yesterday morning he went all over the house, running from room to room leaving a trail of hideous horrible poop, everywhere but the bathroom. Today was more successful! He woke up and used the big boy potty 2 times. We went to swim lessons and then we went somewhere for lunch that has an outdoor play ground, I caught him right before he pooped in the slide. OH. MY. GOD.
We were the only ones out side (thank God). OK STUPID IDIOT ME... Didn't bring wipes, diaper, shorts, an extra change of undies... NOTHING. I swear I am losing my mind.


He does look super cute in his undies though... :)
 Lesson for the day week...
I am busting out the sewing machine today! I'm going to make some stuff... Don't know what yet but I'm going to make it, whatever it is! 

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