Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, Monday oolala

I had an ob-gyn appointment this morning.
I waited for about 20 minutes and then the girl in the office said that my doctor had an emergency c-section so I had to reschedule. I think It was the first time it accrued to me that I could possibly have to have an emergency c-section. Not for any pre-existing reason, just because it can happen to anyone... well any woman... well any woman who is pregnant.
Anyways I have this idea of how things will go and I guess since my labor was SO EASY with Wyatt I just imagine (hope) that this one will be just as easy, or somehow easier. I think the third trimester jitters just hit. It's all so real now.

I drove to my sister's house today to drop some things off because her and Oliver are really sick and on the way down Wy started throwing up... all over. I know I know, don't trust a 3 year old but he said he was better so we went to M and L fabric discount store in Cypress and got some pretty awesome fabric. I'm finally going to make some things I've pinned! We are home now and Wy is pretty mellow, I hope he doesn't get super sick but I'm going to put on my mattress protector just in case, better safe than sorry! I hate when my baby isn't feeling good.

Yesterday we went to Dana Point marine Institute with Nana and then took PCH home.
It was such a pretty day! Sunday funday!

When we got home we went over to Gordie's, he had a surprise for Wy...

 I love my monster <3

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