Sunday, July 8, 2012

This weekend...

Wyatt woke up grumpy yesterday morning, he quickly forgot exactly what it was that was making him feel this way and turned it around, but his grumpiness peeked through throughout the day. 
Yesterday we went out to dinner with papa and nana and then to the beach. We walked around on the sand and then rode the ferry to Balboa Island for ice cream and then on the way home we detoured and took a drive down the "frog rode". It was a fun evening.

almost 30 weeks!

 at the beach....

I just realized that we (even though it feels like just me) are having a baby in 10weeks! I don't think I'm prepared. With Wyatt I couldn't wait to have him here and even though I want to meet this little guy really bad I could still use an extra month to prepare and prepare Wyatt for brotherhood! But... God decided to give me only 9months so I guess that will have to do! A little over 2 months to go... Ahhhh!

I'm in the final stages of being satisfied with Wy's room... I'll post pictures when I feel it's ready for public viewing! I'm working on my room too, getting ready for baby. It's kind of nice being able to decorate the way I want to without Doug's opinion. He had a strong opinion over everything and I'm almost positive his opinions are more of a form of stubbornness and a way to disagree than an actual preference on how he wanted something. I'm a firm believer in (my own version) of attachment parenting and Doug thought the whole things was STUPID, he thought the baby's co-sleeper should only be in our room for 3months tops. I know a lot of people would agree but I don't, and that's not what I wanted for my baby.

I hope we are able to parent together nicely but separately, if that makes any sense at all. I think boys should be raised just as girls are, with love and warmth and the reassurance that it is OK to cry if you fall down and get hurt. Doug was trying so hard to "tough-in" Wyatt up and I want Wyatt to have no shame to ever feel feelings no matter what other people think or what society's "guidelines" are on who can feel what feelings. I think gender roles are ridiculous, I know biologically we are born into certain roles but to tell a little boy to "shake it off" while is knee is scraped up from a fall? I think it's mean.
Enough on my parenting beliefs. We are in the works of planning a fun Sunday.

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