Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#best weekend!

This past weekend Wy and I went to my brother and sister in-law's house.
We had so much fun.
We got up there Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning.
We went to Lopez Lake, a water park, Avila beach, and a drive in movie theater all on Saturday!
Sunday Wyatt and and I hung out while my brother and his family did something. It was fun and relaxing to just hang out, and the weather was amazing!
I so needed to go up there and be with all of them. I wish the weekend was longer.
Monday morning we woke and when I told Wy we were going home he cried.
He said that he never wanted to leave!
Wyatt and Winnie played so well, he told me that he loved his cousin Eowyn soooo much! Wy asked  me today if we could go back fast! HAHAHA
I really had the best time, I was sad to come home but super happy and thankful that we were able to go and stay as long as we did!
Lopez lake
town of Guadalupe
drive in movie theater

Before we left to go to my brother's on Friday, we went to dinner with PaPa Gordie the night before and Wyatt stacked these like a pro!

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