Tuesday, August 28, 2012

packing for the hospital... I'm ready!

 I am sooooo ready for you baby! 
This back pain is killing. I'm hoping I go into labor REAL QUICK...
Anytime now baby, I'm ready!
(hint! hint!) 

So this is my check list on what to bring for a hospital delivery...

In my hospital bag...
  • one cute and comfy outfit. soft pants, nursing top and a cover up aka sweater, wrap or robe because it can be cold in a hospital. I wasn't at the hospital longer than 24hrs so I only needed one outfit and honestly I stayed in my hospital gown for a long time! But it's nice to have something cute to cover up with while breastfeeding as people start showing up to meet baby.
  •  big undies. The hospital I deliver in gives you about everything imaginable (including these amazing mesh underwear that cover every inch of you, believe me you'll love them, especially when you're wearing a diaper sized pad and believe me you'll need one.
  • socks and slippers. I'm not too much of a sock fan but when you wake up in the night to pee or walk around with your brand new baby, the cold hospital floor isn't very inviting. Plus if you have worked in a hospital or lab you've seen the things that fall on those floors, and believe me even bleach can't erase the images, even if it cleans it all up!
  • camera
  • phone-phone numbers. What's smart is to make a group of connections before going to the hospital so you can easily send out one group text to the people who want to know every detail. You know that way you aren't sending pictures, labor updates or birth announcements to random people!

In my cosmetic bag....
  • deodorant- a must. My delivery with Wyatt wasn't a long one and I only pushed for about 30 minutes at the most, but I sweated a lot!
  • chapstick-for labor and after
  • mints or candies-for labor
  • hair ties-for labor and for after, these little suckers are always walking off when they are most needed. Also a head band was helpful.
  • hydrating stick- or lotion for before, after, or even in between. Labor takes a lot out of you and your skin!
  • essential oils- to keep calm and carry on!! (and because they smell good!)
  • hair brush- looking back in pictures my hair was a mess! 
  • tooth brush and toothpaste
  • water free face wipes-easiest way to wash your face.
  • body wash- like I mentioned I wasn't at the hospital for very long but after giving birth I definitely felt the need to wash my body. I have friends who waited to get home to shower and I can't imagine going that long... Ewwww. Hello!? You just gave birth, go wash your self off!
  • dry shampoo-this time it's on my list! I wanted to shower after I had Wyatt but I didn't feel like drying my hair and I have crazy hair, so I had to deal with it. This time I'm going to be easy with myself and use dry shampoo.
  • pads-hospitals normally supply you with everything but sometimes you just want a smaller pad, nothing like feeling like you have diaper butt leaving the hospital with your new bundle of joy, who has a diaper butt.
  • make up- stick to the basics... tinted moisturizer, powder, mascara, blush and some gloss. 
  • ask for ice chips and cold wash cloths during labor! 
Giving birth isn't a beauty contest! 
Focus on your baby not what your blog readers will think of as they look through your "birth story"!

 In the baby bag...

Like I've been telling you, the hospital pretty much gives you EVERYTHING you need for baby.  
With that being said these are some things you might want/NEED of your own...
  • homecoming outfit-long sleeve onesies, blanket/ wearable blanket for the hospital.
  • a hat- the hospital I go to only gives hats for preemies.
  • pacifiers-you never know what brand your baby will like so when I registered, I registered for a few different brands. I actually didn't end up giving Wyatt one for a few days because I wanted to focus on breastfeeding.
  • diapers-If you have a preference, like I said the hospital will supply these.
  • baby body wash- they will supply this for the baby's first bath normally but if you want a specific brand or smell, or even an organic wash I suggest bringing your own.  
  • socks
  • mittens- so baby doesn't scratch himself.
  • hand sanitizer- for the baby's guests. Soap and hot water is always best because not only does it kill a lot of the germs but it also gets rid of dirt, while the hand sanitizer just kills the germs (and yucky viruses) and moves the dirt around, so I suggest nicely telling everyone to do both before handling baby.  

That's about it. 
That's my opinion and what I think I need for the hospital and what I needed for my hospital visit with Wyatt. 
Even though when I had Wyatt, I forgot everything I needed or thought I needed, it ended up totally not being a big deal. The hospital has everything you  NEED except for a car seat and clothes to bring baby home, so seriously pack light and enjoy every second. 
Whether it's your first baby or your fourth, each experience is new and magical.
Wyatt didn't care that I forgot everything during the event of his birth. :)


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