Friday, September 7, 2012

(almost) 39 weeks

39 weeks on Tuesday... I jumped the gun ok!?
cut me some slack, I'm getting excited.
I had a prenatal massage today, it was amazing.
I am so over feeling huge, hurt and tired. I know I'll be tired in a few weeks for different reasons but at least I wont hurt! Well I'll hurt in the sense that my baby just came out of me I know, but at least my back will feel better! :)
I'm trying to enjoy Wyatt's last few days of being an only child, but he's acting all kinds of crazy again! He knocked over the kitchen trash can this morning, out of anger!  It was a disaster. He was a nut today, THANK GOD that Starbucks has their fall drinks out again.
That little green straw can always put a smile on my face.
Another disaster was dying my hair blonde.
It was Orange for a day. Then I did an ash level 8 blonde... and then I had GREY hair.
I'm not joking. It was grey.
Better grey than orange, much easier to fix, so I hear.
Now it's a golden blonde.
Now I'm blonde and broke.
Pictures later, I have to go out and buy new makeup now. great.
hahahahahahahahaha :)

Our A.C. went out.
It died. It's a goner. Packed it's bags and left us.
This weekend will be hell.
I am so not looking forward to it.
Wish me luck.
My mom is gone this weekend, It will be nice to have some space from each other.
She was definitely getting sick of Wyatt and I.
Time apart is good :)

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