Saturday, September 8, 2012

so long sweet summer!

in the past 9 months I have...
become pregnant
got engaged
moved in with someone
started planning a wedding
started and stopped school
had someone move out and my mom move back in
broken up
thrown out all magazines related to weddings
sworn off men FOREVER
lost all muscle in my body and replaced it with good ol' fat
eaten about as much food that could feed an entire continent of people
consumed more mentos than an average person does in their entire lifetime
Decided to believe people the first time around, people rarely change
rode in the front seat of a cop car :)
gone on a few trips, that were totally needed
spent a good amount of time at the beach
de-cluttered physical and mental space, or at least I started the process... It's a lifetime goal
gained 60 pounds
gone blonde
decided that I do want to go back to school, for sure
decided the next thing I start, I WILL FINISH
decorated for a new baby
decided to chose my battles wisely. With all things and people... or at least I'm working on it.

I am going to go out with my grandma to buy a few new make up pieces
Pack for the hospital... well I have everything, I just need to put it in a bag!
Pack the baby's bag, relax, clean, stay cool (both temperature wise and insanely awesomely cool)
tonight we are going to my grandma and pa's church for "Messy Church". The kids do all the readings and lead the the whole thing, after they have bbq and roast marsh mellows. Penny and Oliver always go, so tonight Wyatt and I are going too.
It's the last one of the summer.
Can't believe summer is over! I am soooo happy for fall!

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