Thursday, September 13, 2012

a baby story.... part 1

I was posting on Sunday evening about how I was experiencing cramping and contractions all day and then I walked away from the computer and decided to save it for Monday.
I had hoped all that cramping was something real and not just me being overly dramatic.
It started with a gross amount of mucous, with a brown tinge on Saturday morning.
I of course thought something was terribly wrong with either me or baby so I called my mom, sister Lacy, sister in-law Kellie, and grandma who all told me it was very normal, it was just the mucous plug.

Was this beginning of labor?
Holy shit!
Has the time come!?

I immediately got onto the world wide web and started searching, for what I wasn't exactly sure of, but I was searching like a mad woman.
I guess maybe I was searching for a sure sign that I was in labor but all I found were maybes.
I wanted to know, but now I know that you never know until you know for sure and even when you know for sure, you really don't know for sure until after you know. Ya know? :)

So... Saturday was a bust. 
Nothing really happened except for all that gross mucous, and a little cramping here and there.
So we went to "Messy Church" with Ma and Pa and Penny and Oliver. It's an Episcopal church and it's very relaxed and liberal. The service was super cute and the kids had fun. I'd like to find a church similar to that for myself and the boys.
Anyways while we there everyone in the world commented on how big, low,huge, cute, uncomfortable I looked and so and so on.
What do you say to those kind of comments? Thank you? HAHAHA
My grandma had her priest lay hands on baby Owen, and oh my goodness did she say the prettiest prayer ever and totally mentioned to ask God for Owen to come quickly! Bonus!
We got home and went on a long walk with Papa Gordie and Penny. We walked for almost 2 hours stopping here and there, I was experiencing a lot of contractions while walking, like very strong braxton hicks.

4:23 am
woke up with painful contractions that lasted for about 30 seconds and were anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes apart, this went on all day Sunday. We went to breakfast with Papa Gordie and then out to Irvine park and walked around there.
My contractions would get so painful that I couldn't walk but they were still so far apart.
This went on all day!
my contractions were about 9 to 8 minutes apart for about an hour
5 pm 
went on a walk with my grandpa and Wy, had lots of contractions!
the contractions still weren't close enough to call it labor though (or so I thought!)
Wyatt and I played in the front yard for along time. We jumped on the little trampoline, played catch and kick ball.
My contractions spaced out again to about 30 minutes.
then right before bed everything pretty much came to a stop. BUMMER.
my water broke!!!
I walked around the house awhile, made sure everything was packed, got Wyatt up to go to Gordie's house, changed my pants like 5 times! Holy smokes! I went through like 3 bath towels, 5 pairs of pants, and 5 pads! My water POURED out! It was crazy.
I was so so so excited that my water broke, it was like the movies! I'm so happy I got to experience that, it was oddly amazing.
My sister and grandma came over to meet up and create a game plan. My sister in-law and brother had just gotten the kids to sleep so they were planning on leaving Lompoc around 3:30am. By the time my mom and I left for the hospital it was about 12:30 am and we were off to meet Owen!  Woooohooo!

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  1. omg love this post- you guys are all amazing. That looks like girl power to the extreme! Beautiful.