Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween Drink

Creepy drinks for HALLOWEEN!!
Wyatt had a blast making these "creepy" ice-cubes.
I actually copied this from a kit at Target, all in all this cute idea was under 3$ for sure. We bought gummy worms and Kool-Aid, which I had never purchased before or even tasted!
I had no idea you have to add your own sugar?!
I was horrified! How do you justify the sugar content? I don't know why you wouldn't just buy a sugary drink that you DON'T see the amount of sugar being poured into it, but to each his own.
Ok anyways...
This is adorable and easy!
Step one get everything together!
Step two is making the Kool-Aid
Step three pour the kool-Aid into the ice-cube trays
Step four put the "worms" in the Kool-Aid
Step five put it into the freezer
Step six taste the worms just to make sure they aren't real :)
Once they are frozen put them into your favorite drink and enjoy!
I'm telling you... edit your photos here! They have adorable Halloween themes!

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