Saturday, September 29, 2012

goodbye resentments...

I have been holding onto some resentment for awhile now and it's time to let it go.
It's all towards Doug. I cant' stand him.
I haven't mentioned much not because I'm hiding it, but more because each time I think about it I get angry all over again.
I didn't tell Doug when I went into labor or even when Owen was born, his mom told him after Owen was about a day old. He had stopped talking to me awhile back after I found out that he had cheated on me and was lying about the amount of alcohol he was consuming. He started dating someone and I didn't hear from him, which honestly was kind of nice. Like I've described Doug before, he is an angry person who is passive aggressive and seeks opportunities to be mean and hurt people. I was happy he was out of the picture for awhile. I felt like I could breathe again.
So when he found out Owen was born he asked to come to the hospital, I said yes of course (even though I wanted to say sorry we moved out of the country, talk to you never!). So he said he was on his way, 2hours and 45minutes later he showed up reeking of alcohol. Seriously? Nice.
The next time he visited Owen at our home and stayed for only 30minutes, brought some books for Wy and then tried to leave with the things he brought Wyatt! I told him that he couldn't do that to a 3yr old and he needed to leave the books here. You could tell he was irritated with me.
The next time he had scheduled a visit with Owen he canceled and said he had to help a friend move.
Right, I'm sure.
He came the next day with his mom about 20minutes late and stayed for about 40minutes.
This last time he visited, him and his mom stayed for about an hour. He later told me through text messages that he swabbed Owen for a Paternity test.
What the heck!?
I would love to hear the story he is telling people, especially his new girlfriend. He was engaged to me and we had a wedding date set for December, but now he has to prove paternity?! What the F-ing heck. That my friends is ridiculous and hurtful, it makes me sick and it makes me dislike him even more. What a peace of dog poop. Isn't he going to feel like a big huge idiot when he knows for a fact that Owen is his and then what will his story be? Seriously like if I had other options I'd be chasing him down, like he has something amazing to offer Owen besides possibly an oil business inheritance? HAHAHA
Like my sister said it's only going to screw him over in the end. I'm just going to be as nice as possible, a real peach. :)
Ok I am letting it go, it's no longer a worry of mine.
Thank you for listening!

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