Thursday, September 20, 2012

life is happening.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm this week with PaPa Gordie.
Owen's first amusement park at 9 days old.

Wyatt is doing good with baby brother. He has asked me a few times if he could be a baby again.
He hid from us the other day for so long that we thought he ran down the street or was abducted. He was right in front of me as we were walking and turned the corner into the yard and disappeared, MY HEART STOPPED. My neighbors were looking for him, Pa got into his car and drove off in search of Wyatt, my mom and I were looking all over and then my grandma looked for the 5millionth time in the downstairs guest house and there he was, he jumped out and tried, well succeeded at scaring her. What a little shit. I was scared, furious, and then relieved all within minutes and then furious again.
Tonight he crawled into the co-sleeper with Owen while I went to the bathroom.
I thought being a single mom was TOUGH, but being an outnumbered  single mom is way harder.
He promised me  that he would never be naughty again... broken heart. I love him.

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