Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend adventures

creepy fair face

sleepy smiles

end of summer sunset
wonkie eye

my baby for always
crazy hair
we went to the  ocean-institute

Yes... Wyatt is wearing a leash.
Say whatever you want.
I don't see the difference between having your child wear a leash and strapping them into a stroller and pushing them away from you, except that with a leash they can walk around and have some sort of independence and exploration.
All I care about is that at the end of the day I go home with my child.
Wyatt runs and hides and he wears the leash for safety, he doesn't always wear the leash, only in places where he could truly get seriously injured or cause major chaos. 
I have had this argument numerous times, in my opinion I don't see it  as a big deal or that I am somehow impacting Wyatt's life negatively in anyway. I don't believe that he will have an issue or any complex in regards to wearing the leash and the truth is, there will be so many other things that I "do wrong" as a parent that he will hold against me someday and I highly doubt the leash will be on his list.
I hear other parents say that only LAZY parents put their children on leashes, or if you're a good parent you don't need a leash and I say mind your own F***ing business. Focus on you being a good parent, not anyone else!!!
I'm a single mom and I'm doing the best that I can. I have only one set of hands not two.
I wore a leash when I was little and I'm doing just fine.
(see, Wyatt is a happy person!)

he loves Owen
i love my family


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  2. It's not a leash- it's a backpack with a stuffie attached! He loves it! (OK, maybe not always, but he can't hide when you're using it!)

    1. Exactly! No hiding is a a good thing, a very very good thing!