Monday, October 1, 2012

Owen is 3 weeks old.

Today Owen is three weeks old. These past few weeks have gone quickly by, and just as quickly as they have gone, both Wyatt and I have fallen in love. These two boys I have are such an absolute blessing. All of my worrying and all of my fears vanished when I saw little Wyatt look at his brother with such love. I am lucky.
Owen is three weeks old.
He is more alert and looks around and tries really hard to focus on faces.
Wyatt and Owen have a special bond already, Wyatt loves his little brother so much and enjoys showing him off to everyone. Owen loves looking at his big brother and listening to his brother sing and play.
He knows mommy's voice really well and enjoys spending most of his time in his wrap close to me.
He sleeps a lot and wakes up about 2x a night to nurse.
Owen doesn't like his swing that much and prefers to be held.
He nurses all the time and is wearing 3 month old clothes and size 1 diapers.
He can lift his head up and throws himself around, it scares mommy!
He's a little chunk and we love him so much!

mommy and Owie
Today was my friend Breann's birthday.
I missed her, I'm so happy she came and spent time with us.
Her sister Jessica took this photo-I love it

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