Thursday, November 29, 2012


this week went fast.
i'm not really sure where it went or even what happened while it was here, but it's gone now.

we went to disney land on tuesday with kat. we found out that there is this thing called a ride pass and it is amazing! if you have a baby or a young child who has a height restriction, you can go on the ride and then give a pass to the other person in your party and they enter the ride through the exit when you get off. it is awesome and of course wy loves going on the ride two times.
it's that time of year again. it snowed at disney land and it was in fact magical.
i remember this time last year going to big bear with doug and how it snowed and how gorgeous it was. that was my first time ever seeing snow fall. so many changes in a year.
i love waking up to smiley faces.
these boys are amazing.
wyatt loves his baby brother and is so gentle, well most of the time.
bravo to me!
i reinstated my phlebotomy license and i am looking for work as of now.
i hope i can find a part time job. i cant imagine leaving my babies for so long but i know i have been blessed  spoiled with being able to stay home for as long as i have. i am grateful for mom's help. i know most mom's aren't as lucky as me and it has been wonderful, but my time has run out and now i need a job. hopefully i find one quickly and as painless as possible! :)

we saw this movie today...

go see it! it was amazing.

wy was sick with the flu. luckily owie and i didn't get it.
we are supposed to be going up to my brother and sister in-laws tomorrow but we will see in the a.m. how wy is doing. he had a quick recovery luckily and is back to being a wild man. oh lord.
good night.

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