Tuesday, December 4, 2012

weekend rain.

this weekend was fun.
it rained the entire time we were at my brother's.
we were going to go apple picking on saturday but on the way there it started pouring rain, so we went to chucky cheese's instead. it was fun. i gave my nieces esme` and zadie hair cuts and we stayed up watching a movie and eating ice cream. much needed girl time.
sunday morning my nephew ezra woke up sick with the flu. poor baby.
i took the girls to the store to get nail polish and a rainy day craft, when we got to the craft isle wyatt started one of his epic tantrums. i could see it coming from miles away, i thought i had time to get in and out of the store but i was super wrong. wyatt was laying down in the middle of isle 6 beginning his 40 minute tantrum. on the way out of the store he was grabbing things off of shelves, screaming and yelling like never before.
of course i was being looked at like the worst parent in the world, because of course other people's children don't throw tantrums.
it was awful. i was sweating with embarrassment.

on the way home wyatt unbuckled his seatbelt, he threw things at me, and yelled at me that he wanted to go home, and then he screamed some more.
when we got back to my brother's house he layed down in the middle of their front lawn on their quite little coldasack and yelled and screamed and-wait for it- started to undress him self.
yes. he did that.
I died a little bit from the embarrassment.
we went inside and my brother helped calm him down.
he yelled that he didn't want to go home.
i am coming to the realization that all 3 year olds might possibly be bipolar. just a thought.
anyways we got in the car and drove straight to starbucks and then drove home.

that morning i got the flu in the worst way. it was awful.
i am feeling better now thank god.


here in orange our town is all decorated for the holiday.
it's a charming little town, it really is.
sometimes i wish i was just a visitor though.
my list of to do's this week:
apply for jobs
make christmas gifts and shop a bit
make christmas cards (yes i am lagging big time, i know)
get wyatt signed up for preschool *tear
and blah blah blah 

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