Saturday, November 10, 2012

kites and stuff.

I'm going to add flying a kite to my list of 'do mores'.
We flew a kite yesterday and it was so much fun. I'm really shocked at how much fun it was, I don't think I've ever had fun flying a kite before, but then again I didn't have Wyatt with me! Everything is new and exciting with littles, I love experiencing life with them through their eyes.
It is way more magical.
Oh no! I just realized that I am making a duck face...
I swear it was just a kiss face left over from trying to make Owie laugh! I swear!
Oh and pay no attention to the no makeup... I've been extremely lazy.

Tonight Wyatt is having his first ever sleep over ( besides sleeping at Papa's or somewhere with me). He has been invited over to Oliver's house and for a play date at Oli's cousin Nick's house.
He is thrilled.
I'm wondering if I will have to go pick him up tonight or if he will stay all night?
He explained to me that he would be sleeping at aunt Lacy's tonight, but that I didn't need to worry because he would be leaving my bed so that I can sleep in it here at home.
I love his brain.

Owen is 2 months old today.
I will be taking pictures later and post them tomorrow :)

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