Monday, November 12, 2012

the boys.

Wyatt didn't end up spending the night at my sister's on Saturday, but he made it until after 9. Maybe next time will be successful. Well it was successful this time I suppose because he had a blast! 
That's really the point right? 
I think in Wyatt's eyes he did spend the night because he was over there for dinner and pajama time. He was happy. 
I was happy to have an evening to scrap-book on Shutterfly
I'm NEVER scrap-booking old style again! Shutterfly is way cheaper, less messy and has so many cute ideas, if you haven't used it, you must go check it out! :)
My baby is 2months old.
Time flies when you're having fun.
Checking the weather together.
Tomorrow we are going to Disney Land with Ma and Pa to celebrate my birthday.
I will be turning 26 on Thursday... time flies!
Birthday week fun fun fun :)

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