Tuesday, November 20, 2012


my camera stopped working and the sun started to set on us, so we were only able to get a couple pictures and not even photo editing could to them justice. i managed to get these ones, another photo shoot is needed for christmas cards but these turned out ok. thanks sarah for all of your help!

we went to disney land last night, a last minute decision. 
it was ridiculously crowded but a lot of fun. 
we saw the fireworks and went on a few rides in cars land which were a blast! 
we didn't end up leaving until after 11pm... to say the very least we were a wee bit tired this morning, we definitely did not shine.

i am exhausted. seriously exhausted. 
the type of exhaustion that takes away your thinking ability and makes you appear drunk. ya I swear, it's only a lack of sleep combined with having a 3 year old and 2 month old.
we are doing our thanksgiving day feast shopping tomorrow and a trip to costco, oh and doug is coming over tomorrow evening to visit owie.
i can't believe the holiday season is here, this time last year was so different.
good night blog followers and blog stalkers ;)

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