Monday, November 19, 2012


Owen, my sweet little munchkin man.
He's getting big so quickly! He wears 3-6 month clothing, size 2 diapers and loves to sit up right (supported of course!). He still loves the wrap and loves to sleep in bed with mom. Owen is absolutely in love and madly fascinated with Wyatt. Mornings are Owen's favorite time of day and evenings are normally fussy. He loves being outside, silly voices, mommy's hair, car rides while listening to NPR , watching brother run like a mad man through the house and walks.

If you've read past blog enteries of mine then you know Wyatt sometimes has a behavior chart.
Well, we hadn't had one in awhile and this morning we made one.
I wouldn't describe the morning as fantastic by any means, Wy only has one sticker, but there is a lot of room to collect more! Although the morning started off a little bumpy, Wyatt pulled it together! A+ for effort! 
Wyatt found this praying mantis on our porch this weekend. Brave soul-the insect, obviously.

Decorating his cars with nail polish :)
Ma and me on my birthday
A picture of Kathleen and I being weirdos. 
My friend Kat and I have known each other for years, but didn't even begin a friendship until Wy was born. In fact to be completely honest we couldn't stand each other. She didn't like who I was in my late teens and the two first years of  my 20's (I didn't either, so I don't hold it against her!) and I couldn't stand her because, well, because she didn't like me first! When Wyatt was born they fell madly in love, her and Wyatt had a bond from the beginning. So inevitably with all of the visits she was making to see Wyatt we too became friends. I can't imagine not having her as a friend now. She is honest like no one else I've ever met. Kat is kind but can go ghetto in seconds, she's totally crude but knows how to act like a lady, she is hilariously silly and she is always listening. We might forget each others birthdays but if I need her for anything she's there in a second. I am totally thankful for her friendship. I seriously might go crazy without her.

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