Sunday, March 31, 2013

brain vacation.

i've been on one for a few weeks now, probably why i haven't posted much, or at all really.
here i am to catch up. i feel like i'm always playing catch up with everything, it's so annoying! i talk about getting organized but it never happens because i'm always two steps behind trying frickin' catch up!
anyways i'll catch you up in one of the ways i love the most, pictures!

this guy turned 6 months old.
he is so loveable, snuggly, he loves attention and he laughs the cutest chuckly laugh you've ever heard. he eats like his brother (a lot!) and still wakes mama up in the night. he likes to be worn most of the day when he isn't working on his sweet crawling skills. he prefers fruit and meat over green veggies, and loves homemade food the best. him and wyatt have the most amazing bond, bros for life! haha.
owen likes to roll, squiggle, and squeal, he can sit up (kinda) and he absolutely is the biggest mama's boy ever and i love it.

my mom and her boyfriend
aren't they cute?!
papa got owie a cake
bondfire in papa's backyard
wy wy telling owie stories
my radiator curplunked... hello eight hundred dollars that i don't have. thank god for family.

this guy... holy cow. what a rebel, a real daredevil.

and this one started eating in a highchair! now he knows when he's going to eat, it's adorable.
 we went to the long beach flea market and it was amazing!
i want to go back. they have it every third sunday i think. we'll definitely go back.

finding treasures

these guys made this amazing furniture using reclaimed wood and metal. what artwork.
a miniature indian
ummm hello little flea market pups! they look like pros right?!

tired boys
 wyatt is a true treasure finder.
here is what he found...

i bargained my first bargain!

got both of these for 10bucks each (they were 15!)
wyatt with the neighborhood boys... awww growing up
eating food is serious business in this household

baby wearing at the park

cousin love

at california adventure with papa

we have had a busy month. we have penny and oli now every afternoon, i'm trying hard to schedule my time but i'm having such trouble. i feel like i'm going going going all the time but getting nothing done! it's so frustrating.
we are going to church in the morning with my grandparents, i haven't been to church in quite awhile, it'll be nice to go. after that we have no easter plans really except of course for an egg hunt and maybe some chinese food. we might go to the beach, we're playing it all by ear.
zadie and esme are getting dropped off tomorrow and will be here until thursday, i am so excited! i can't wait to have them here!
have a wonderful easter friends!

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