Friday, April 12, 2013

catching up... again.

owen turned 7months old

he is a chunk, weighing in at 20lbs 8 ounces.
he had his shots yesterday and he was a trooper, poor baby.
wyatt was such a big brother, he was so shocked to find out that owen had blood in him too!
owen is happy, healthy, and absolutely the biggest love ever.
he crawls all over, gives out free smiles to everyone, eats like there's no tomorrow, and is a champion at cuddling. owen started sitting up, crawling and trying to pull himself up all at the beginning of his 6 month. he still wakes up in the night and love love loves to be wrapped.

we make tents
and epic sand boxes
we do beach days in march
and ride bikes without training wheels.
sometimes we fall down and get boo-boos

but we get up with a smile.
the easter bunny came to our house!

after 4 days with no training wheels, he took on some crazy hills

my galaxy3 phone was stolen, so sad. i bought a galaxy 2 and honestly so far besides the lack of icons on instagram and a few little changes it's not that different. i swear! the camera is the same, and to me that's all that matters.
so much stuff to get done and so little time. 
i'm excited it's bedtime, i'm not going to lie.

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