Tuesday, March 5, 2013

happy days

a few pictures from the other day...

saturday i did ding repair, also known as surf board fixing :)
we had a family beach day on sunday, the whole gang went. it was a lot of fun.
i surfed a bit. i am so lucky to have fallen in love with the ocean, it has always been faithful to me.
the ocean is truly magical.
i hope wyatt and owen fall madly, deeply in love with the ocean. there is nothing like it. 

owie is big enough to ride side wrapped now!
he loved being able to watch everything going on.

we went to oliver's opening game for his football season and penny started cheer leading.
holy lord. he was a hart breaker and penny was gorgeous.
wyatt got to go in one of those giant hampster like balls, it was hilarious!
my sister's gorgeous family

earlier that same day i took the boys with me to a surf shop in newport.
it had some pretty insane art...

everything has been going really good, we are enjoying our life the way it is at the moment.
i am one lucky mama.

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