Thursday, February 28, 2013

my galaxy3 camera is amazing!

little explores.

the tide was low and the tide pools were happening today.
we discovered a new area at the beach we always go to. i felt a bit of nerves as i followed the kids around the corner which is normally hidden by the water, penny in the lead turned back and said, "m if Columbus was too scared to explore, think of everything that would have never been discovered!".
yeah. i got told by a 5th grader to pretty much chill the hell out, enjoy life and quit being a sissy.
funny thing is she's right.
we won't learn anything new if we don't listen or try, we won't see new things if we don't get out and go, and we won't finish a thing if we don't start.

this kid cracks me up into a million pieces.
what a comedian, he makes everyone laugh and laugh and laugh.
owen is moving and scooting around, becoming a little foodie, smiling all the time and such a mama's boy :) he makes us all so happy.

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