Thursday, April 25, 2013

adventure time

so my efforts of blogging on my galaxy2 totally failed me, please forgive the blurry pictures and messiness of this post!

the past few weeks have been a lot fun. i had oliver and penny during their spring break and i took them to disney land! we had so much fun.
oliver then finished the remainder of his spring break with his aunt paula. Penny, the boys and i headed north to visit uncle ben, aunt kellie and the babes. we had a total blast. 
esme` with a giant (dead) crab
sea star finding
my four nieces and the wy

little explorers
my man
a cool pattern in the rocks, normally covered by water and sand
owen exploring the sand
crab claw and an epic double chin
a hike to an amazing waterfall
my brother with his littlest littles
poison oak
does this one need a caption?
crafting in solvang

more crafting
play room tornado
eowyn clover and wyatt william just hangin' drinking perrier water
ezra william and wy wy
teaching brother how to play hall ball
my three amigas
we went to zadie's safety fair at her school and it was so much fun!
the littles got to go in police cars, look at a fire truck, play games and eat bbq.
wyatt was in heaven.
my handsome fireman

police officer wyatt
my man and "mama", what he's been calling me for the past few days now

wyatt started crying when we hit la. 
he missed aunt kellie and uncle ben's house and all of his cousin's. 
this was our first visit that he didn't ask to go home, not once.
back at home we settled right in, hung up some lights in the backyard and relaxed.
it was an adjustment coming home, we missed everyone and we were all tired from our adventures.
just to clarify, i said tired not grumpy.

our backyard is now magical... it's amazingly magical
standing while mama helps the cousins with home work
cuddle time at oliver's football practice
riding on brother's handle bars
sitting in a high chair at breakfast

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