Monday, May 27, 2013

backyard lovin'

we have been spending so much time in the backyard.
it's our happy place.

i've been trying hard to re-use as much as possible in our garden.
we used egg cartons to grow seeds and it turned out awesome! i was excited.
once the plants were ready to be planted i took them out, part of the egg carton came
along but it's ok because that part decomposes.
i made an awesome dream catcher inspired trellis for the beans to grow up.
i used thin bamboo shoots and string, and wound the string all aorund
to get that dream catcher look.

i've also taken succulant planting to a new level.
i am using seashells! i absolutely love the designs, especially the one above.
this one (below) was created after our trip up north, i was inspired
by all of the amazing little shops in half moon bay.
i found the shells on our last trip to my bother and sister in-law's house, on a walk while at the beach.
who knew sea shells would be the perfect little home for a succulent!?
i am in love.
owen is ridiculous cute.
this is his first swing session at the park and he loved it.
he laughed the entire time, squealing and chuckling so loud!
this baby cracks me up and everyone else who sees him.
can't get enough of him.
oh yeah... this happened
holy crap, where does the time go!?
this picture sums up owen's 8th month of life; going, going, going, gone!

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