Monday, May 20, 2013

sometimes i get overwhelmed with how much i love these boys.
i really never knew anything remotely close to it until i had them.
to know that 
without a doubt 
you would 
take a bullet for someone...
that's insane.

these boys are so special and make me want to be a better everything. 
they give me hope and make me realize this world has good in it
it has love to give and family to smile with.
friends to make and memories to be made.
it has adventures to take, treasures to find, 
bridges to burn and streams to cross.
it has rules to be broken and boundaries to bend.
it has endless possibilities and abundant opportunities
it's like one big piniata
waiting to be broken open. 


we had a surprise birthday celebration for oliver.
he knew he was coming over for a sleep over and a top secret ditch day 
but he had no idea he was getting a cake and goodies too. 
we had such a fun night.
we woke up reasonably early and went south for some fun in the sun. 
we spent a good amount of our day at the beach and it was wonderful.

oliver is such a cool kid.
i can't believe he is 6 now, absolutely insane how time flies.
oliver is one of a kind.
he is awesome and he doesn't even try, he just is.
he's brilliant and gorgeous, 
sweet and salty, 
he's athletic and artsy
and totally rad. 

happy birthday oliver, i love you so much and i think
that you are the coolest 6 year old i know.
you're such a bad ass.
keep on rockin'.
love, m

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