Thursday, May 9, 2013


this week is the slowest week ever. i feel like this week has been a billion days long.
ok so i don't know if you have noticed, but my children are absolutely amazing.

playing with whip cream
recycle, use news paper to paint on

wyatt painting

clockwise; owen being adorable on a walk, brotherly love, wyatt at a birthday party
oh chubbo wubbo!
so i've been crafting this week along with slightly losing my mind.
we go to uncle eric's a week from today and my mom leaves for florida on sunday.  we have no mother's day plans, maybe i'll take the boys to the beach? surfing sounds nice.
i agreed to watch penny and oliver all summer long, yes that's 4 kids from 8am-5pm everyday. i think it'll be a blast, i'll have to get super organized and on schedule. if only i got a nickle for every time i have said that, id be a lady with a lot of money by now.

i'll have some diy's up this weekend :)

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