Wednesday, May 15, 2013

tuesday, wednesday, thursday already?

i can't believe the week is half way over.
we leave for uncle eric and aunt rachel's on tomorrow morning, i'm so excited. we have a lot of fun up there, and they have one of those houses that is really comfortable.
we are leaving on oliver's birthday so i decided to have a mini birthday party for him last night and then take him to the beach today. we had fun!! i'll post pictures of today soon.

here are the pictures from mother's day.
we went to the beach (i think we are obsessed!) and had such a fun time.
wyatt and i went swimming, we packed goodies and relaxed.
owen loves eating the sand, i know, gross right? but he has so much fun and is so adorable.

wyatt making tracks


busy man

mothers day 2013

wyatt wrapped himself up... so funny

kat and i

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