Monday, June 3, 2013

santa ana adventure

we had a fun weekend.
i really didn't do anything i said that i needed to do
but it was fun.
we went to santa ana to find a pinata for wyatt's birthday.
turns out that a cops and robbers themed birthdays aren't very popular. 
all we could find was a "sexy" police uniform at party city 
 and i'm going out on a limb when i say 
that i'm pretty sure that won't work for wyatt.
so i'm going to search the world wide web--
etsy and pinterest will hopefully help me through this.

we still had fun yesterday,
even though we didn't make any progress.
santa ana is a very hispanic populated city
we (especially red headed wyatt) stood out like sore thumbs.
and i'm guessing baby wearing isn't popular in the hispanic culture because 
 i received lots of laughs, stares,and points.
it was funny. 

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